The 10 Best Pegboards for Your Home Office

Pegboards are a simple yet useful accessory. Traditional pegboards are usually found in the garage or in a builder’s workstation, containing heavy duty equipment from wrenches to power drills. However, a properly chosen pegboard today can do much more than organize power tools and equipment. Home office pegboards can solve the unnecessary clutter around a work desk, freeing up valuable workspace with a interlocking peg system. Additionally, pegboards can keep all of your office supplies, planning materials, accessories, and small tools in a designated spot – assisting in work productivity and improving the overall design of the room. 

Depending on the type of work you are doing, it can be a tough process to find the perfect pegboard since they come in a variety of designs, materials, and purposes. No need to worry though, we have pulled together the best office pegboards available in order to help you find the right one:

Our Top Picks 

“The Wall Control Pegboard Kit offers maximum tool board storage versatility and strength with over 10.5 square feet of pegboard storage space.”

“Dorman Pegboards feature an interlocking design with prongs that provide a secure fit for adding additional pegboard sections at an affordable price.”

“The attractive Metal Pegboards are great for heavy duty toolboard storage needs due to their 20 gauge steel construction that will not warp, fray, or crack.” 

“WallPeg’s Tuff Poly Plastic is scratch resistant, never needs painting, and is ready to mount right out of the box.”

“Wooden pegboard panels are made with plywood/beech, eco-friendly, and durable. No worrying about harmful gases affecting your health.”

“This metal pegboard panel is built with heavy duty galvanized steel construction, which will make your home office look modern and stunning.”

“Hobby Craft Pegboard Organizer Storage Kit offers maximum tool board storage versatility, allowing you to store anything from office equipment to craft supplies.”

“Frame is constructed of solid hardwood making it very durable and can be mounted for either vertical or horizontal positions.”

“These heavy duty metal pegboard panels are made from 20 gauge steel so they will not warp, fray, crack, or fail over time.”

“Better decorate your home office for any convenient style, according to the shape you like and need in tight spaces.”

Best Overall – Wall Control Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit

This pegboard is a perfect way to add extra storage to your home office, making it the best overall pegboard you can add to your workstation Wall Control Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit is stronger than any other conventional pegboard. More precisely, it is more than 10 times stronger, which makes it a great choice if you have slightly heavier accessories without the cost of looking bulky. This model suits for conventional pegs but as well as all other accessories, giving you unlimited options to organize your office equipment and supplies.

Wall Control Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit
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Best Budget – Dorman Hardware 29993 Pegboard

If your looking for a pegboard that is made with high-quality and less costly than traditional pegboards, Dorman Hardware 29993 Pegboard is the perfect solution. This black plastic pegboard for comes in 16×16 with an interlocking design of both male and female prongs to provide more storage space and customizations. Additionally, It is capable of holding 50 lbs of weight, distributing evenly so you don’t have to worry about your office tools becoming lopsided. Dorman’s high-quality office pegboards will meet all your home office needs without breaking your wallet.

Dorman Hardware 29993 Pegboard
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Best Metal – Wall Control Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit

Offering maximum storage space versatility, and at the same time, amazing strength with it’s galvanized toolbar, Wall Control Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit is the best it gets for the metal class. The galvanized metallic model provides plenty of space for all your home office accessories, making it a perfect choice if you want to add a modern office décor finish. Importantly, this pegboard is ideal for handling heavy-duty storage needs. If you’re looking for a lifetime lasting model, then look no further.

Wall Control Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit
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Best Plastic – WallPeg Black Plastic Pegboard Panels

WallPeg’s Plastic pegboard is a fantastic organization tool for keeping your accessories, cleaning products, merchandise, and anything else you may find in your office room in one place. It is fully back ribbed, and you can mount it right out of the box for easy installation. This plastic pegboard will last a lifetime and is completely easy to install, making it a perfect beginners choice. Additionally, the surface is scratch-resistant, there is no need for painting, and it is rust-resistant.

WallPeg Black Plastic Pegboard Panels
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Best Wooden – XAOMLP Wooden Pegboard Modular Display

By placing multiple wooden pegboards together, you can get so much needed additional storage space for your home office, which is why we love XAOMLP’s eco-friendly modular display pegboard. This set is easily adjustable to your workspace needs, thanks to the special size and unique design. Ideal for storing all your small vases, hats, keys, cosmetics, cups, mini plants, and everything else you have in the home office.

XAOMLP Wooden Pegboard Modular Display
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Best Aesthetic – Muscle Rack CPB2-WT Steel Pegboard

With its heavy-duty galvanized steel construction finish, Muscle Rack’s CBP2-WT Steel Pegboard will leave your guests admiring your workspace setup. This steel pegboard is a durable choice that will never rust, corrode, rot, and degrade. We love it’s easy attachment of baskets, brackets, and peg hooks, giving an unlimited amount of options to assort office equipment and accessories. Moreover, it can support 50 lbs., just like other heavy-duty metal pegboards.

Muscle Rack CPB2-WT Steel Pegboard
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Best Versatile – Wall Control Pegboard Hobby Craft Organizer Storage Kit

If you are looking for office pegboards that offer maximum storage versatility, then Wall Control Pegboard Hobby Craft Organizer Storage Kit might be the perfect choice for you. Not only an attractive model, but very strong and durable thanks to its steel construction in charge of long-lasting use. Versatile design with several options like a tool board and pegboard accessory section puts this on top of its class.

Wall Control Pegboard Hobby Craft Organizer Storage Kit
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Best Free Standing – Steffy Wood Products Pegboard Room Divider

Unlike traditional wall pegboards, Steffy Wood Products Pegboard Room Divider will save office space with its freestanding form. The pegboards frame is made of solid hardwood which is high durable and can hold up to 50 lbs. Alternatively, the feet of this model can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal positions, allowing for a two-sided convenient option. This free-standing pegboard model is ideal for arranging and organizing your necessary workspace tools.

Steffy Wood Products Pegboard Room Divider
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Best Heavy Duty – Cheap Pegboard Heavy Duty Pegboard

Don’t be fooled by its name, Cheap Pegboard’s Heavy Duty Pegboard is an affordable heavy-duty pegboard. It can handle any type of home office accessories and equipment you put on it. Cheap Pegboard’s heavy-duty design is made of high-quality and sturdy materials that guarantee to last a lifetime. The two 16in x 32 in. can be used independently, so you can place them in different spots for better organization. Made of metal materials, this pegboard will not fray, crack, warp, or fail.

Cheap Pegboard Heavy Duty Pegboard
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Best Compact – HongDream DIY Convenient Pegboard

HongDream DIY Convenient Pegboard’s space-saving design will give you the most out of your workspace room. Ideal for storing hats, keys, crafts, glasses, mini plants, cups, jars, scissors, and everything else you need for your office. It’s very convenient if you spend a lot of time in your office and you hate clutter. Decorative and practical design to perfectly suit your workspace. You can use it as a wall decoration shelf at any time. If you are not so handy, then this model is perfect for you because it is easy to install.

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