Modern Office Shelving Designs & Inspirations

Home offices are increasingly becoming the latest makeshift area in our homes, and soon it will be the most essential spaces in our fortress. While decorating and designing a workspace can be exciting and fun, one the first issues you have to solve right away is office storage. Home offices requires so much storage space and the trick to having a modern and space-savvy design is utilizing office shelves.

There is always too much to store and organize in an office – supplies, archives, papers, and all the technology you have. Home office shelves give your office an elegant, organized, and contemporary vibe without sacrificing and impacting visual space. We’ve compiled a list of the top office shelves designs and products out there to guide you finding the right one for your setup. 

Floating Office Shelves

Instead of taking up your valuable desk space, choose a great solution – a floating shelf that utilizes wall space. It is a great way to add an elegant and modern display to your home office. Additionally, these shelves are easy to install and are amazing if you want to add photo frames, small ornaments, or succulents.

Home Office Modern Office Shelves

Credit: Wayfair

Wall and Display Shelves

One of the undoubtedly most impressive and cool ways to add decent storage and display space to your room is wall and display shelves. It’s an easy solution to making your workspace look modern and contemporary in no time. Convert your entire wall into a series of shelves, and if your office has a double-height ceiling like this one, it’s even better!

Home Office Modern Wall And Display Shelves

Credit: Amazon

Wall Mounted Corner Shelves

Not many people realize that wall mounted corner shelves are a brilliant way to benefit from the storage space in your home office. They come in a wide range of designs, styles, and variety. Corner shelves can be made of metal, solid wood, as well as laminated or engineered for greater durability. Corner shelves are a clever way to arrange all of your items in an easily accessible location.

Home Office Modern Wall Mounted Corner Shelves

Credit: Wayfair

Book Cases

At the end of a hard and long day’s work, your favorite book and glass of wine is the perfect way to end your day. And whats a better way to keep your books organized than with a book case! If you are not a big fan of reading, don’t worry – book cases are useful for much more besides just storing books. You can use them as stunning office decor pieces, or you can use them to store other of your items like family pictures, archives, or anything else you need.

Home Office Modern Book Shelves

Credit: Wayfair

Ladder Shelves

Ladder shelves with few open-space shelves are a stunning way for storing and displaying your pictures, decor, books, and more. Models with black steel frame and laminate wood finishes offer a real modern industrial styling to your home office. It is a simple way yet beautiful to show off all your loved items and devices.

Home Office Modern Ladder Shelves

Credit: Amazon

Cube Storage

One unique way to make a difference between these office shelves is by installing a number of cubes. The most popular number of cubes sought are 12,9,8, and 6. However, you can get any other as well. After all, who says that your storage can’t be a real piece of art? Cube storage keeps everything from your accessories to files organized. If used in a creative way, it will decorate your room like nothing else. You can, along with your books, display other home office decor elements like pictures, plants, or something else.

Home Office Modern Cube Storage Shelves

Credit: Wayfair

Desk Shelves

Shelves over your desk, are the perfect way to store all of your things and they won’t take any of your floor space. Thick open shelves with modern lights over the desk, will highlight your style and it also looks cool. It is the best way to keep your desk organized and tidy up, while all your necessary things will be at hand.

Home Office Modern Office Desk With Shelves

Credit: Amazon

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