Create the Right Office Lighting for Your Workspace

When setting up a workstation, there is many different angles you can look at to get the right setup you are striving for. However, if you are like most of us, we tend to focus on the big purchase-items first – like choosing the correct flooring, the right size of office desk, or the best ergonomic office chair. Although those home office products are essential to your workspace setup, you also need to choose one of the most valuable and last things considered, the right office lighting.

It has been proven by countless medical articles, lighting can either prevent or increase your chances of headaches and eyestrain. Which is why it’s important to select an office lighting that will not only make your workstation look modern and stylish, but will be bright enough to keep you focused and motivated on the task ahead. To help guide you through creating the right office lighting for your setup, we broke down 7 lighting ideas to get you started.

Office Desk Lamps

The right office desk lamp is a key element of a comfortable and good home working environment. The office desk lamp is ideal when you need to light up some specific area so you can see what you are typing or reading. Also, a desk lamp can be used for ambient lighting or accent lighting. Finally, a desk lamp can be purely decorative, designed to look stunning on your desk.

home office desk lamp

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Office LED Lights

LED lights are known for energy efficiency, long term savings, and performance. Proper lighting is crucial for productivity, and in many ways, influences work hard attitude, perception, and performance. Inadequate and harsh lighting decreases people’s everyday productivity, but as LED lights mimic natural light, so your productivity can be improved. An important factor is also that office LED lighting have a stunning display and cause less heat.

home office LED lights

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Office Light Fixtures

Office lighting fixtures achieve a balance of high visual comfort, affordability, streamlined aesthetics, and energy efficiency. A home office needs to be specifically designed with productivity and comfort in mind, and office light fixtures will exactly provide you with this.

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Pendant Lights

Pendant light suspends from the ceiling directing light right down. A pendant light can easily improve and enhance the decorative style of a home office room and add business character. You can position pendants to hang low over the office desk or raise them high to make the room feel bigger.

home office light fixture

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Ceiling Lights

A ceiling light fulfills the general lighting needs in order to bring a regular illumination into the workstation, which is very important to prevent tiredness and support you from getting eye strained. They are mounted directly to your home office ceiling and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Although installing ceiling lights can be costly, they have a featured benefit of switching on and off seamlessly.  

home office ceiling light

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Recessed Lighting

Recessed light provides you with a relatively narrow band of light in one specific direction, and it can be used to provide accent, task, or ambient lighting to your workspace. Additionally, the recessed light in your home office adds enough light without overwhelming your space so you feel comfortable when working long hours.

Home office Recess Lighting

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Decorative Office Lights

Decorative light does not only light up your home office, as their name says, they decorate it. Decorative home office lights are versatile and are the most undervalued office lighting you choose from. Underline your personal style and complement your furniture with this decorative style.

home office decorative lights

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Thus, choosing the proper lighting for your workstation is essential. Lighting has a huge impact on the functionality and the mood of the room, from creating a comfortable and productivity ambiance to reducing eyestrain. To get the most out of your home office, try to layer lighting to achieve a comfortable space that can be easily at any moment adjusted throughout the day.


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