Modern Office Design Trends & Ideas

Many people today are spending a lot of time working from home. For those who want a small office space to retreat and take care of personal business or those who prefer to work at home as a full-time job, there are many ways you can decorate and design your workspace. From minimalist designs to a retro look, there’s many decor options to to incorporate into a workstation. If you are like most people and want a simple and organized workspace decor, we recommend striving for a modern design that will not only look impressive, but will keep your desk organized and comfortable.

To help get you started we created a short list of 7 top modern trends for 2020. We hope this guide will help you to reflect your taste and style, enhance your home office, and make working hours much more pleasant.

Lift Your Setup With Built-In Shelves

One of the best ways to transform the room into an modern, organized, and beautiful home office is to install a built-in shelve. In addition to keeping your belongings organized, built-in shelves also create a focal point for the room. Besides that, they also offer plenty of storage space for our personal items to create a professional yet warm environment. With plenty of variations, you will surely find one that matches your space, budget, and contemporary style. Learn hot to install office shelves from our recent online article.

Workspace Modern Office Wall Shelves

Credit: Wayfair

Adjust To a Modern Corner Office Desk

Mostly the smallest room is reserved for the home office, while the others, larger, are for bedrooms or other uses. But small rooms aren’t always good for a freestanding desk, which leaves you to choose other options with setting up your workspace. The corner office desk is a popular way if your space is limited. The stunning wrap-around desk is a perfect example to create an ideal modern home office without cluttering up the room.

Workspace Modern Office Corner Desk

Credit: Amazon

Take a Window Seat

Having a beautiful and amazing view to admire while you work is something that most people would love to have for their home office. If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful and bright window with the gorgeous outside, take advantage of it and set up your workstation to face the window and view. A beautiful view of the outdoors can give enlighten creativity, spirit lift, and increased productivity.

Workspace Modern Office Desk Window View

Credit: Wayfair

Contemporary Floating Shelves & Desk

It’s sleek; it’s clean; and it’s beautiful, too. The look of those two is an imperishable trend that will reduce the usage of your floor space. You can easily open up your home office by free-floating furniture pieces, like shelves and desks. Floating shelves and desks are the most popular modern decorating trends these days – they are so appealing and very practical.

Workspace Modern Office Floating Shelves

Credit: Wayfair

Rich Modern Home Office Wood

If you want something spectacular, there is nothing better than rich, dark wood. The look is not only elegant and rich but also provides a slight touch of professionalism. Deep rich woods all around, from walls to the floor (even the ceiling), provides a real classic office look that has never stopped being in trend. Classic leather chair, elegant desk, and beautiful area rug will complete the look of an elegant home office.

Workspace Modern Wood Office Desk

Credit: Amazon

Design Vertical & Horizontal Space

Smaller home offices require to maximize all of your space, which means that you need to create storages upward. The best way to achieve this is stunning shelving from floor-to-ceiling that will help you store all the devices and books that inspire you during working hours. Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling shelves give your home office ample space for comfort, beautiful desk, and two leather chairs.

Home Office Modern Ladder Bookcase Shelves

Credit: Wayfair

Desk Lamps for Modern Home Office

An indispensable part of every modern office is a desk lamp, which is very useful. Light fixture with a flexible arm will allow you to focus illumination exactly where you need it. Desk lamps are a perfect choice because they can stand directly on the floor, desktop, or can even be mounted to the wall. We’ve also created a short guide to select the right office lighting for any setup, modern or not. 

Home Office Modern Office Desk Lamp

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