11 Best Indoor Plants for Your Home Office

Need to add life into your daily routine? Most of us can get sucked into our daily tasks rather quickly and never look back. Adopting a home office plant will give your workspace the missing factor you need to improve work-life satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity on the job. Acting like a natural humidifier, indoor plants are an excellent way to increase the humidity of the area around your desk, which helps keep respiratory distress at bay. According to Healthline, with the right amount humidity in the air, indoor plants can: relieve dry skin and lips, prevent dry throat, soothe sinuses and nasal irritation, prevent nose nosebleeds, and reduce the likelihood of infection and allergies.

Importantly, indoor plants also remove floating toxins in the air and add an elegant touch to any workspace style. In one word, plants can truly transform a workstation into a more engaging, peaceful, tranquil, and fresh place. Don’t worry, taking care of the right indoor plant will require low maintenance so you can get right back on track to the daily grind.

Ready to work that green thumb? We’ve pulled together the 11 best indoor plants for your home office – 

1. Sanseveria (Snake Plant)

It is also known among people as “Snake plant” or “Mother in law tongue”. Although it may look devilish, this is one of the office plants that has a lot to offer. As one of the main culprits for withered flowers is irregular care, the Sanseveria plant can survive in different conditions. It can last up to a whole month without any watering but also thrive in low light. On the other hand, it can be fully exposed to the sun. Therefore, if you are looking for a visual low maintenance stimulus, Sanservania may be a perfect choice.

Indoor Plant - Snake Plant
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2. Pathos (Devils Ivy)

Devils Ivy or Pothos is a mustard variegated and mid green plant. It is very adaptable and tolerant of different light conditions. The leaves of Devils Ivy are large, and in some cases, can be heart-shaped in a wide variety of dark and light colors. This species is easily adapting to any home office condition, from brighter to low light ones. Easy to care for plant make a stunning addition to any desk, table, or even shelf.

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3. ZZ Plant

Two characteristics make this plant an ideal houseplant. It has a high tolerance to low light and it can grow with occasional watering. ZZ Plant’s leaves are providing a pleasing touch to the home office setting. If your home office suffers from a lack of windows, this plant is the perfect solution. With dark green leaves, it looks extremely good against a white desktop.

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4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera seems to have been created for home office plants. They are easy to grow, as long as you provide them with lots of bright light. If your desk is near a sunny window, then Aloe Vera is the perfect plant for you. They need only one watering every few weeks. Aloe Vera is an attractive species for any modern desk space as it is small enough and fits perfectly on most desks. This species is in charge of removing different things from the air like benzene and formaldehyde.

Home Office Indoor Plants - Aloe Vera
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5. Philodendron

Philodendron is a large climber, and as it can be a perfect way to add some height to any small area. It’s another low maintenance plant, which can add cheer to any place thanks to the glossy green leaves and trailing habit. For lush looking, it needs regular moisture, so you may need a self water pot.

Home Office Indoor Plants - Philodendron
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6. Algaonema

Also known as Chinese evergreens or “aglos”, it is an extremely popular choice among home offices because of the color of the leaves. You can find one with deep green leaves, but also in traces of red or silver. Its name comes from two Greek words. Aglaos, which means bright, and Nama, which means thread or filament. It is a popular plant in China, as it symbolizes long life. Aglaonema requires little maintenance, thrives in low light, and removes air toxins.

Home Office Indoor Plants - Algoaonema
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7. Birds Nest Fern

Asplenium nidus is most commonly referred to as the Bird’s Nest Fern is a workspace favorite as it is nontoxic and safe around the furry friends. This indoor plant thrives in medium indirect light and can tolerate a humid environment. Most importantly this fern can absorb toxins in air, acting like a natural humidifier. More live indoor plants such as these can be also be found in our shop page.

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8. Golden Gate Ficus (Bonsai Tree)

Ficus belongs to a group of Bonsai trees for indoor growth. They actually need very little attention. The eye-catchy gray trunk is sturdy and thick, and it is topped by tiny oval foliage in dark green color. Bear in mind that this plant does not like drafts, so avoid placing it near vent or drafts you may have. They love warm weather and thrive in both low light and high light. Golden Gate Ficus is ideal as a small plant decor for any home office.

Indoor Plants - Bonsai Tree
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9. Succulents

Low maintenance plants thriving in different conditions. Very cute plants that look extremely good in any home office. As they need a lot of sunlight, it is a great way to force yourself to regularly let in enough sunlight in the room.

Home Office Indoor Plants - Succulents
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10. Lucky Bamboo

With its funny and entertaining shape, it will bring a cozy feeling into your home office. The plant grows slowly and requires little light and no soil if the steams are submerged in water. These plants are perfectly blending in modern offices and are thought to give you good luck.

Home Office Indoor Plants - Lucky Bamboo
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11. Orchid

Orchid is an elegant, beautiful, and colorful indoor plant that requires minimal care and bloom for many years. Keep in mind they need plenty of indirect sunlight and regular watering, at least once a week. Find out more about orchids and their qualities by visiting our shop page. 

Home Office Indoor Plants - Orchid
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