Top 10 Minimalist Monitor Stands for Your Office Setup

If you’re considering upgrading a section of workspace, learn how adding a minimalist monitor desk stand can effortlessly make your setup modern and stylish. No matter how large screen setup you prefer, there are many benefits to using a monitor stand. Not only should a good monitor stand be designed to serve as a platform that brings your monitors to your eye-level, but also serve as a stunning piece of workstation furniture on top of your computer desk. Additionally, it is also a massive space-saver for your home office!

However, not every monitor stand is made equal. Some of them are made of aluminum and precisely designed to match your new shiny iMac or Lenovo, and others are made of adorable carved wood that exude a minimalist aesthetic. So no matter whether you prefer one or another, or maybe one with additional functionality like USB ports, we have compiled a short list of 10 minimalist monitor stands for your office setup. They’re in no particular order, so make sure to read each one to learn which is best for you.

Grovemade Walnut Monitor Stand

Grovemade is producing absolutely high quality and stunning products made of wood. Made from top-quality American black walnut, this computer desk stand can support up to 200lbs in weight, allowing you to put any sized monitor on it. Walnut Monitor Stand has a minimal footprint that provides copious space below it so you can slide keyboard or any other accessories underneath it.

home office grovemade monitor desk stand

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Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand

The F3 Smart Monitor Stand is the ideal companion whether you have a laptop, monitor, or all-in-one computer. It will make your work organization much simplified and provide you with a functional style with 4 USB 3.0 ports, headphones ports, and microphone ports. Also, it has plenty of convenient underneath space that allows you to keep your desk tidy, a requirement for a minimalist workspace.

Home Office Satachi f3 smart monitor stand

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DEEPCOOL M-Desk F3 Monitor Riser Stand

If you are looking for something all-black and stealthy that still looks sleek and has many needed ports, then this F3 smart monitor stand is a perfect choice. You can always have an organized, clean, and function style with instant access to your USB, and the hollow bottom provides you with additional storage space. Frame legs and metal panel support up to 55lb. A for sure valuable workspace upgrade in our books!

Home Office DEEPCOOL M-Desk F3 Monitor Riser Stand

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SONGMICS Monitor Stand Riser With Storage Organizer

For all of those who need an immaculate desk-top surface and who likes the feel and look of the wooden monitor stand, this bamboo monitor riser stand is perhaps the best choice. The best feature of this stunning monitor stand is that it has many desk organizer functions. Incredible seven storage notches for storing your paperclips, pens, phone(s), and any other small accessories. Polished, beautifully made, and functional … minimalism in the purest meaning.

Home Office SONGMICS Monitor Stand Riser with Storage Organizer

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Bissett Glass Monitor Stand

This ultra sleek monitor stand with a unique design is ideal if you have any cable running down the back of your screen. Also, the glass fits against the wall perfectly, providing more stability. Bissett Glass Monitor Stand elevates your screen and provides you with extra underneath space to store game consoles, laptops, keyboards, and other items. One of our favorite workspace picks!

Home Office Bissett Glass Monitor Stand

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Irene Bamboo Monitor Stand

If you want a clutter-free surface and additional space, this handy monitor stand is the perfect choice for you. Made from bamboo with a natural finish, provides you with easy viewing and extra space for a keyboard and mouse. Special cutouts are ideal for your cell phones, coffee, and other office table items! A perfect fir for a minimalist workspace.

Home Office Irene Bamboo Monitor Stand

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Jelly Comb Monitor Stand Riser

It is one of the most cleverly designed monitor stand ever. This black computer and monitor stand offers plenty of features, including an impressive capacity of 55lbs. But what makes this monitor stand truly amazing is not only that it has an adjustable width thanks to folding legs, but it also has a built-in compartment. This useful storage drawer lets you keep all of your scatter office supplies hidden. Also, a fold-out stand lets you hold your tablet/phone.

Home Office Jelly Comb Monitor Stand Riser

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Tribesigns 3 Shelf Monitor Stand Riser With Adjusteble Length And Angle

This monitor stand is unique in a few senses. First, the 3 shelves allow you to hold up to 3 monitors, so if you are one of those people who work across multiple monitors, this is a perfect choice. Second, you can customize the angle and length, so on the sides, shelves can be extended to increase the overall length, but you can also angle them inwards. It is crafted from a nice and finished engineered wood. This monitor stand is dust and water resistant which will keep your workspace durable.

Home Office Tribesigns 3 Shelf Monitor Stand Riser with Adjustable Length and Angle

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Oakywood Wooden Monitor Stand

It is available in two amazing finishes: oak and walnut. Wooden monitor stand looks similar to something that you would find on a starship in the year 2331. This monitor riser can easily raise your monitor a 3.6 inches of the bottom and can carry up to 220 lbs. If you’re looking for a monitor stand that doesn’t take a lot of desk space, this is your best option.

Home Office Oakywood Wooden Monitor Stand

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Satechi Aluminum Monitor Stand

Satechi’s Aluminum Monitor Stand is ideal if you want to organize and simplify your desk appearance. It is a clean and clever 2-in-1 solution to elevate your screen and having a USB 3.0 ports. One of our favorite succinct finishes to accomplish a minimalist home office look.

Home Office Satechi Aluminum Monitor Stand

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