Best Desk Pads for Your Workspace Setup

The desk pad is an absolutely great addition to any work surface. A desk pad is a simple desk accessory that will add character to your office room while providing great value. Desk pads can be used as a desk protector, so the table doesn’t get any kind of scratch, but desk pads have many other useful features that will make your working hours much more pleasant. It’s best to get a desk pad that fits your needs, and that will add a stylish flair. To help guide you to the perfect desk pad for your workspace setup we compiled a shortlist of 2020’s best desk pads available today.

Best Overall – Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate

Measuring in at 23 and 12 inches, and boasting a synthetic leather surface which is easy-to-clean, this desk pad is absolutely ideal for any workspace. Features a lovely embossed bottom right hand corner, which will add comfort to your office. Made of premium leather, its special design will protect your desk surface and serve as a comfortable hand resting surface while compliments your modern workspace.

Home Office Satechi Deskmate Eco Leather Desk Pad
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Best for Gaming – AUKEY Gaming Mouse Pad

An extended mouse pad from AUKEY is the best option if you are looking for something to put under your keyboard or your mouse for quick response time. It is first, and foremost the mouse pad, so you won’t have any issues with accuracy or tracking thanks to the soft cloth surface with rubber base. It is big and spill-resistant, providing you with plenty of protection for your office desk.

Home Office AUKEY Gaming Desk Pad
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Best for Comfort – FireBee Desk Pad

The pad of this extension is ideal for mouse, keyboard, and any other desktop items. It’s optimized for easy movement while maintaining full control and excellent speed in games or work. Ensure the best response time and simplest mouse movement. The rubber base firmly grasps the desktop to prevent any moving or sliding during use. It also has a waterproof coating that prevents damage by accidents like liquid splashing and is easy to clean and wash.

Home Office FireBee Desk Pad
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Best Tactical – Ysagi Dual Sided Multi-functional Desk Pad

Dual side with different colors, but the same material. It is 2 in 1 desk pad, just turn it over whenever you want to and use it. Made of durable and quality leather, you can easily wipe it with cloth – and that’s it! It’s large enough to fit your mouse, keyboard, and laptop. It’s waterproof and oil proof, and serve as amazing protection for your wooden or glass desktop from any spills, stains, and scratches.

Home Office YSAGi Dual-Sided Mult-functional Desk Pad
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Best Modern – Aothia Eco-Friendly Double Sided Office Desk Mat

From Vegan PU leather with an amazing feel, color, and texture, this desk pad will complement your home office with its premium matte design and finer details such as a cork suede base for additional grip. It’s ideal comfortable soft cushioning, which is ergonomic, will provide relief on your forearms, wrists, and elbows. Also, it is a perfect desk protector from scratches and moisture.

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Best Appealing – Bedsure Genuine Leather Desk Pad

Soft desk pad made exclusively from natural leather with degradable and environmental benefits that offer exceptional protection without any chemical or plastic smell like other PU or PVC leather pads. It’s waterproof and serves as great desk protection in addition to great looking. Made of quality leather, it’s very thick, providing great hand-feeling.

Home Office Bedsure Genuine Leather Desk Pad
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Best Multipurpose – Gogloo Multi-functional Office Desk Pad

Stunning desk pad that can work as a desk/mouse mat or desk blotters. Made of durable and quality PU leather protects your desk from any damage like spills, stains, heat, scratches, and scuffs. This multipurpose desk pad has a smooth surface, allowing writing and typing to be far more comfortable. It is also waterproof and oil proof, and in addition to that, it also has a dual side.

Home Office Gogloo Multifunctional Office Desk Pad
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